Feeling international!

Studying hospitality has so many benefits that I would not have time to mention them all. Yet, today I will talk about my favourite 2 advantages: meeting new people & travelling.

So due to my choice of going into this amazing industry I got to meet new people from all over the world which got me the chance to visit different countries, from different continents.

This year, my holiday pack reached its peak. First was Japan – for details about that trip, feel free to scroll down to get to that article, then came my holiday to Mexico. Special thanks to my friend and her warmhearted family that welcomed me in their country and home so friendly and with their open arms.

in the heart of Mexico City 😉

Here I visited the Mexico City and its beauty, went to the Mayan Pyramids of Teotihuacan, which I found out I’m still fit enough to climb on top of it ;). Also, we got to experience the beautiful Cancun. This place is the heaven on earth: beach, hotels, clubs, awesome people, and oh well… the jungle :))

on top of one pyramid, watching the other ❤

This holiday had everything a perfect trip should have: friends, family, laughter, joy, casual activities, cultural excursions and adventures. I’d like to mention that my long-term fear of heights diminished when I had to do rappel or zip-lining in the famous Xenotes.

relaxing in the cool water after an adventurous day in the jungle 🙂

So if you ever get the chance to go to Mexico, don’t miss it and make sure you include Cancun on your list of places to go while you’re there.

That’s all for now.

Talk soon,



When one door closes, another one opens!

Six months came to an end and time came to say goodbye to Malta.

This period was one of the best times of my life. I have not just accomplished my professional goals set for these 6 months but I have had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people who I could call my home away from home.

2017 spa team ❤

With a heavy heart I say goodbye now to all my friends and to the Hotel where I created new memories, both professional and personal. I have learned how to act under pressure, how to sell and up-sell services and most importantly how to deal with different kind of people in distinct type of situations.

I guess one of the purposes of an internship is to figure out what you would like to do next. It is a time to discover which department you want to go in the future or maybe which area you would like to focus on more or, maybe, even permanently. I decided that sales and events would be a good fit for me so hopefully next year I would get the chance to experience exactly this.

There are not many things left to say, now other then that I wish everybody all the best and may we meet again.

Will come back with future news: now it’s holiday time!

So stay tuned,


Feeling lucky

A second internship, a new experience. Something that I learned so far is that every experience is an opportunity and a lesson. As you go in IT, you discover a new side of yourself and you start to understand your strengths and weaknesses and if you are lucky enough you will understand what path to go next.

In Kempinski, Gozo, I am being confirmed again and again that I love working with people. Communicating with guests and working hand in hand with colleagues that enjoy what they are doing is something remarkably rear and I consider myself fortunate for being part of such a nice environment.

I will be frank and tell you that hospitality industry is tough, you work when everybody else is off, you work a lot of hours and sometimes you encounter many difficulties in the shortest periods of time. Yet, when a guest comes to you and tells you that you were the one that made their stay unforgettable and that you were the best thing of their stay that feeling of satisfaction never goes away.

Thus, if you know that you enjoy making other people happy and you enjoy working with people then hospitality is your pathway.


Talk soon,


Living in a movie!

Have you ever got this feeling that your life is like in a movie? Well, since I am here in Malta, Gozo to be more specific, I have had some moments that I swear could have been taken from the movies.

Along with some friends we went on a boat trip which ended with an awesome boat party. Swimming in the middle of the night, when everything is complete darkness. Dancing in the middle of the sea and watching an amazing sunset from a wonderful beach. Boat experience in Gozo: check.

Then today, we hired a car and went to Malta. 5 girls exploring the islands. It was real fun. Singing & dancing – amazing car atmosphere and then walking around key points in Malta and finding the charms of the Popeye Village.

Not to mention, that the week started with a staff party organized by Kempinski on the beach where we played volleyball, ate, drank and danced till 1 in the morning. I think it’s pretty cool, especially since it was a Monday.

Wanna be part of these activities? Check out those pictures:

Boat partyyyy :>
This is quite an amazing sunset 🙂
Popeye Village
Popeye Village with a view
Car trip with my girls ❤


It sure smells a lot like summer!

Stay tuned,


Malta here I come!

So, guess what? Second year is completed. All is left is the internship: Malta here I come.
As a summary of my 6 months in Lucerne, all i can say is that they have passed so fast. But I guess you get used to it in this industry, to move around from place to place.
I learned a handful amount of new and amazing things and i am happy to say that these 6 months have opened my eyes at many levels.
It’s been quite eventful as well, said good bye to old friends and made new ones and spent a lot of great moments altogether. And at the end of the theory part of our second year we wished each other good luck in our new Internship. I have friends that went abroad , while some stayed in Switzerland, but we were all quite excited about this year’s practical experience.
The suitcases were packed, the tickets were bought and it was time for a new beginning!
Talk soon,

Amazing trip to Japan!

Last term break before IT is over and it was a really nice holiday to spend. In the past two weeks I visited Japan and it was a blast. The country is very beautiful and very high-tech.

I went together with my brother and we visited 3 different cities, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. There are so many things to talk about but I will try my best to keep it short, so I will just share the highlights of the trip.

The people are very friendly and very helpful. They do not speak much English but they are trying. If they have to ask you a question and they see you are a foreigner they come to you with a notebook filled with the same question or explanation in different languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. This fact really impressed me because it was their way of trying to help as much as they could.

Image result for languages

In my opinion, each city has something amazing to share: architecture, cuisine and lifestyle, but the one that impressed me the most was Kyoto. This is a more traditional town with people still dressed in kimonos and with many traditional restaurants. By those, I mean the restaurants in which you take off your shoes at the entrance and you sit on the floor. It really feels like you are home.

sushiiii ❤
Traditional restaurant

We went also to the Mount Fuji, which is one of the most popular mountains in Japan, which according to our guide it is actually a still active volcano. Also, we saw bamboos forests and lots and lots of temples. I mean if I may say so, how we are with churches, they are with temples, you can find them at each corner.

Mount Fuji ❤
Kinkaku-ji Temple Kyoto

Nonetheless, when I say that Japan is very high-tech, I mean they are extremely technologically developed. First, you will see everybody with a smart-phone in their hands, no matter if they are 80 or 7 year-old. But more important, their highway system is incredible. They have suspended ways one above the other above the other and if this is not enough their rail ways are passing through the buildings.

how about that?

So, if you get the chance, go visit Japan, it is worth it!  Oh and I almost forgot, if you go, you must try karaoke!

Talk soon,


How fast time flies…

It’s incredible how fast time passes. I cannot believe that 6 weeks ago I was still working in Geneva and now I am starting my second term in the second year of university.

The last term flew like none before. I didn’t even realize when the finals came along. The courses were quite interesting and useful. I loved especially the Food and Wine Pairing class, and not just because we had the chance to taste the wine and the food. Personally, I find it amazing to put at least the basis to a concept that seemed so difficult before. Of course, the other classes were as meaningful, but this is the one that impressed me the most.

the region, the grape, the taste, discovered them all

When I think of these past months I believe that in a blink of an eye I will wake up in my last year trying to get ready for the future. Envisioning what decisions I need to make, what choices I have to take, where I have to go and what I need to do. There are so many things that must be taken into consideration that it just makes everything feel so real.

You know how you have that feeling when you are still in transition from high school to adulthood, let’s call it like that? You think the time of growing up is not there yet and then facing with all the challenges and decisions you suddenly realize you are on your own now and you need to think of what is best for you. Of course, people will try to help and will give you suggestions but sometimes you wish they would either make the decision in your place or to leave you alone.

Do you think you’re ready to embrace the next step of your life with everything it has to offer?

took the risk and enjoyed it so far!

Talk soon,