My first week in Lucerne :)

For many youngsters moving away from home might be difficult and going abroad could seem even more challenging. Even though we are leaving our family and friends behind, this moment in our lives is a turning-point. It makes us become more independent, more confident and it helps us build our self-esteem. However, despite the hardships, BHMS helps making the transition easier. Or at least, that was how it happened in my case. When I arrived in the airport, somebody from the university waited for me there and since it was late at night they had offered me something to eat. So, they thought about everything. Also, the first friend I made was in the airport, she was another BHMS student, just like me and we have bonded right away. We laughed all the way to the university.

Once arrived, we did our check in and went to see our rooms. I got to meet my roommate, who is also from Romania, as a matter of fact. Once again, I made a new friend really quick. I know that one of some people’s worries is that they will make friends hard or they will not integrate or adapt to the new circumstances. I know, I felt the same way. Yet, seeing me here now, only after one week, I can tell that it seems like home. I am happy here. I learn a lot of useful and interesting things. For instance, on Friday, the 25 September, we had our orientation day, which means we got acquainted with the teachers, the places, the city itself.


At this “class” we met the people in charge either of housekeeping, or of the academic situation, or of our future placements. They spoke beautifully and in very good English so that everybody could understand them. The next day, we had a special class entitled “Professional Development”. This time around was even more intriguing, in my opinion, since we discussed about body language, mindsets and ways to differentiate from one another.

I hope I caught your attention with this information, but let me tell you, by that class I haven’t even started my studies yet. First day of school was this Monday and it was awesome. I received my schedule and I saw that on Monday I will have breakfast and dinner service, meaning that I will gain some practical experience in dealing with the customers. At first I thought it would be too much since I had to wake up very early. But at the end of the day, I felt amazing, also tired, but mostly happy. I had learned how to sit up a table, how to serve people, how to correctly take an order and how to make the guests feel welcome! We worked as a team and we did a gorgeous job. At the end of the day, I understood that I made the right decision by coming here. I knew that I will not regret it and all my doubts and fears have gone away in an instant.


The week went by and I had two more classes, this time, though, they were geography and German. The lecturers have a unique way of teaching: more entertaining, more enthusiastic, so you cannot get bored, unless you already know everything they have to say!

Bottom line, until now, I am truly pleased that I have chosen to study Hotel Management at this university. I have a good feeling about this. I know I will enjoy it even more in the future!

Talk soon,