Not as hard as it might look like

Do you remember when I told you that there is not enough time to get bored? Today I will talk about… let’s call it the administrative part of being away from home to university! What does that mean more exactly? Well if you thought about cooking, doing laundry or ironing, you got it right!

First of all: cooking!

I know you might think that it is unnecessary to learn how to prepare something to eat all by yourself since here at BHMS you have it covered by the university. Yet, it is nice from time to time, just to relax in your room with two or three colleagues and enjoy your meal while starring out of the window because it is still sunny outside! 😉 So, even though, for some it might seem difficult to cook, let me assure you that everybody knows how to do the basics such as: a fried egg, or French fries, or a salad. Besides, when you cook, you mostly need patience and everything will sort out to be just fine!

Now, what my roommate and I tried to do turned out to be delicious and it wasn’t that hard to do either! One day, we prepared French fries with eggs and cheese with tomatoes. Trust me when I tell you that it is the best dish you could ever have for lunch or any other time of day!

French fries with eggs, cheese and tomatoes

The next time, we thought of challenging ourselves a little bit and we considered having mashed potatoes with schnitzel. Guess what?! This time it tasted good also and we were delighted of our work!

mashed potatoes with schnitzel, cheese and tomatoes

As far as laundry is concerned that is actually not such a big of a deal. All that matters is to sort the clothes by the color and put them inside the washing machine and wait for it to finish. That’s easy, right?

When it comes to ironing, though, the situation changes a little bit or at least it changed for me. When I had to iron my school shirts I found it horribly because they looked like they were ran over by a truck. But now I know better so let me give you a tip, after you washed your shirts, let them dry on a coat hanger so it will be easier for you while ironing!

ironing for the first time
ironing for the first time

That’s all for now, talk soon,



No time for homesickness ;)

Do you know why you won’t get homesick? Well, the answer is quite simple: you don’t have the time. Apart from the classes and your homework, you are usually busy enough. There are constant activities organized by the university which also contribute to your future self-development.

Since I got here, I went hiking to Dreilinden, which I believe it is the most amazing place in Luzern from where you can see the entire city. From up here, the amazing view of the lake united with the wonderful sight of the city created a fairytale atmosphere. What made the ambiance feel even more pleasant was the music heard on the background due to the fact that there was the Arts University of Luzern.



Another breath-taking excursion held by the school was the trip to Mount Pilatus. We went by cable car till we reached the top of the mountain. Imagine the view you have from over 2100m height! The first stop of the cable car scared us all, since nobody could see anything because of the fog. Yet, once we went a little higher and we broke through the clouds, it was so sunny that you couldn’t believe your eyes! Everybody was so impressed of the scenery because what you were seeing was basically an ocean of clouds.



Also, I have turned my Saturdays into the basketball days. Weekly, we gather around a few students and we go to the gym and have some fun. The great part of this activity is the fact that we also play with locals which gives us the chance to get to know people who have no connections to the school and get used to their mentality and habits.


Not only that we have a great time during these events, but we are also given the opportunity to get acquainted to each other. Therefore, I can confirm that these contribute to your self-improvement since they convert you to a more interactive person and give you a boost of confidence you might have lacked before.

Bottom line, here, you cannot get bored too easily as there are many things you can choose doing. Even if you decide not to attend any of these events, trust me when I tell you that you will find something else to do. Yet, that is another story, for another time!

Talk soon,