Take action, don’t just wait around!

So, one of this term objects is personal development and I must say that I truly really enjoy this class. One of our assignments for last week was to read a chapter from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I can say that this book confirms basically everything I have ever believed in.

The first part is called “proactivity” and it elaborates how we have the responsibility to choose what we wish to happen. It says that if we want anything good to happen to us, we cannot just wait around and expect for it to be accomplished without even trying to act on our dreams.

This is the point I would like to focus on in this article: if you want something badly enough, don’t just believe that your wish will become true unless you work for it and prove that you are worth it.

For instance, I met a lot of people here who just expect to have great internships just for being here. Yes, it is true that the school needs to help us find a placement but it doesn’t mean that if you show no interest whatsoever in hospitality or in your classes or in, at least, the fact that you are here, they will just hand you the perfect internship that has ever existed.


I firmly believe that there needs to be interest from both parties. And you as a student must be ambitious, modest, determined and the most important, you need to be interested! We must ask questions, we need to hand in the CV’s in time, not a month, not a week later. We need to make sure that the people in charge with finding us an internship will notice our motivation and determination and our will to work and gain experience and to achieve something during the time we get to spend here, not just staying passive to everything that happens around us.

So, please, keep in mind the fact that just because you came here, that doesn’t give you permission to take everything for granted! Show that you deserve what you want to be offered


New memories!

So two weeks of term break are done and tomorrow we get back to classes. Yet, I have two great memories to share with you from the past weeks, other than the interview.

First, we went to paintball, it was soooo funny. I admit, at the beginning I felt like a sitting duck and I kind of knew I would be the first one to get targeted. We split in 2 teams and even if the first 2 or 3 games my team lost, I am happy to say that at least we went down in style. Yes, of course, when the paintballs touch you it is a little painful, but don’t believe for one second that it is unbearable, but expect some bruises the next day. 😉 Yet I am proud to say that until the end of the day, at least I got better in hiding and avoiding to get shot. Though that didn’t help us win too many rounds, but we all had a great time.


Second, some friends and I went ice skating, which was amazing. I would have never expected to miss skating because home I always got bored after 15 minutes. Here, we spent almost 2 hours on the rink and it was a memorable time. I taught some friends how to skate and I felt so good that I could be helpful. We danced and tried artistic moves even though sometimes we ended up falling.

Ice Skating – Group Picture ❤
Trying To Be Artistic

I could say that everybody enjoyed their time during term break, no matter what activities they chose to do. I, for one, have gained a lot of new fun and unforgettable memories.

Keep in touch,


My first interview!

Hello, hello!

First, yes! Yesterday I had my first interview, in my life, if I might add.

Honestly, ever since I heard about it, I felt scared and like something, most definitely will go wrong. Though, the reality was not as terrifying as I imagined. Let me tell you how it all went on.

At 10 I had my train to Genève (where the hotel is). Of course, because I was so nervous I believed I was in the wrong train until the moment the lady came and checked my ticket! I wasn’t so I got there at 12.46 as scheduled.

Train Schedule

Next step was to take the bus number 6 until the hotel from the train station. Guess what? There was no information about a number 6. Though if you wanted to go with 5,7,9,28, you could have gone for it, but no 6, so I decided to walk 3 kilometers through the city until I reached my destination since I knew I will be in time for the interview. This way, I got the chance to see a little bit around and I say it loud and clear that it was worth it. It is a wonderful city which really impressed me. The people are nice and friendly, the city is crowded but not as much as it will be too much to handle. Finally, I arrived at the hotel and as I enter my first discussion went something like this:

“Bonjour, je suis Andreea et j’ai un interview a 2 heures avec Monsiuer …”

“Oui, c’est moi! Enchante!”

What do you think was my expression when he told me my interview was with him after I was on a train for almost 3 hours and I walked around the town for half an hour only to get there? :))

Anyway, the moment of truth came eventually. It was better than I expected. Firstly, he explained to me how things will go if I start working there from April, he gave me some details about the work over there and what will be expected of me. He emphasized that teamwork and punctuality are very important and I immediately agreed. The only question he asked me, though, was how I decided to come to their hotel for a job interview. The key part of this question is to see how they ask it, because they will also give you the way to answer. For me, the modality in which he asked allowed me to be honest and to give my reasons for coming in the same time, which was really good because honesty is what I like most.

At the end, he showed me around and I was quite impressed with everything around there and he told me that he will give me an answer in 10-15 days tops.

Selfie Time with The Hotel
The Hotel

Those being said, the next part of the day was also a wonderful experience, as I got to visit the city. I went to the “United Nations Palace”, though by the time I was there the visiting hours were already closed, so I took some pictures through the fenceJ). Well, the scenery in Genève is amazing, so I got a really great time admiring the lake, the gardens, the parks and other not so populous places, but also beautiful.

Le Jardin Anglais
Le Lac de Geneve
Le Palais des Nations Unis

So that was my day yesterday, full of emotions: good and bad, but it was great!

I would like to hear some of your first thrilling experiences, so if anything pops to mind, email me! 😉

Talk soon,


Yummy! :)

Today I felt like cooking. So a friend from culinary and I put our minds together and we came up with the perfect 3-dish menu.

First, it was a perfect Romanian entrée: an eggplant salad, which turned out to be delicious. Then we delighted ourselves with some amazing tomato-sauce pasta and in the end we wrapped it up with pancakes with chocolate and bananas.

The entire experience was incredible, we had fun cooking and we both learned from each other. I taught him how to prepare the eggplant salad and he showed me how to make the tomato sauce and helped me with the pancakes. We made a pretty good team and our special guest from Madagascar enjoyed it very much.

Check it out on your own, do you think it looks as good as it tasted?

Eggplant Salad and Tomato-Sauce Pasta
Chocolate Pancakes with Bananas

Talk soon,


Why, why, why?… Because it fits me!

Lately I have been asked why I chose Hospitality and why BHMS. I will take them one by one and I hope I will give you a good enough answer.

Since I was little I was attracted to the idea of having a hotel, I was always fascinated by the work accomplished in such a place and I always admired the people who could spread smiles to the others. And, guess what, this industry is a lot about smiling and treating clients with respect! Every time I used to go somewhere with my parents on holidays I would have paid attention to every single detail: how the reception looked like, what was missing from the room, what I didn’t enjoy Afterwards, when I grew up a little bit I started to take some notes on how I would like my hotel to look like one day.

For all my dreams to come true I knew I needed to do something, not just to wait for them to get achieved by themselves. Therefore, I started researching, what kind of school should I go to, which one from many, which one will be a better fit for me?


I will be honest and say that BHMS was not my first choice. I actually found this university by chance and I am starting to believethat was a very luck day. I was oriented on another school here, in Switzerland, but when I started to compare those two universities I noticed that BHMS is more convenient and more appealing to me. First, it was cheaper, because let’s be frank, when you decide to go abroad for studies this is one of the factors that are taken into consideration. Secondly, the internship program is more developed and better structured and the people in charge with the placements will help you the best that they can.


Those are the main reasons for which I decided to come to BHMS and I will tell you that it might not have been my first choice then, but I have no regrets and going back in time I would do the same!

Talk soon,


Proud to be Romanian

Sooo, I know it’s been a while since my last post and I have a lot of things to talk about, but today I am going to talk about what it means to me to be Romanian and tomorrow I will get back to telling you about my life-experience here at BHMS

Anywhere I go, I always say it out loud and with great pride that I come from Romania because our country is beautiful and with amazing citizens. It is true that it needs some changes but we will get there soon, hopefully.

My point for tonight is that I have heard, along the years, friends who were ashamed of saying their true nationality. Guys, we already have a bad reputation around the world only because of the facts that are broadcasted. You want people to see us differently? Good, than make a change, be the change you want them to see. Learn how to behave in society, be a friend, be nice and be kind!

For that reason, whoever you are and wherever you choose to go, never forget where you are coming from.

My name is Andeea and I am proud to be Romanian. What about you?