It’s Christmas time!



Going home for holidays!

So, this term is also over and it is time for me to go home for holidays!

This term had its own challenges, like the accounting class, which was intriguing and interesting. It kept me alert as I don’t like backing down. But the most important, it was a month full of amazing activities done with my group of friends such as skiing, ice-skating and we even had a pre-Christmas dinner last Friday before everybody went home.

We all had to bring something, be it food or drinks and we had the idea of coming with traditional dishes from our own countries. Could you guess what I cooked? If you thought of “sarmale” then you are right! It was the first time in my life making them myself and I have to say it took me a while and after finishing I dropped dead in bed, sleeping until next morning! Yet, the effort was worth it as everybody said it was delicious and ate almost 40 of them.

Sarmaaaleee ❤

Now, all my friends left home and I have to say that I will miss them for the next 3 weeks. I am in Switzerland for 3 months now and I have to say that I enjoyed every single day spent here. Yet, I also miss my family and friends from home and this is why I am going back for holidays!

Talk soon,



Skiing in Switzerland :>

So, as I love doing new things and creating new memories, last weekend my friends and I decided to go skiing. We went to Engelberg, Mount Titlis, as there it was a beginners’ slope, since most of my friends have tried skiing or snowboarding for their first time.

Firstly, it didn’t last too long to get there, only 43 mins by train, and being in Switzerland, here 43 mins actually means that or even less. What can I say, swiss punctuality is the best! Once, we got there, we rented the equipment from a store right next to the train-station and then we took the bus for 2 minutes to arrive to the main event location!

Well, once we got there, the real fun started, we went on countless rides, we fell, we got up and tried again. To be honest, I tried explaining to one of my friends a little trick to help him ski but I found out that I am a better teacher when it comes to ice-skating rather than skiing. So, this time, I was basically just enjoying the rides and the time spent together.

Group Picture taken with Mario’s camera

Besides, we went up to the top of the mountain by the cable car where the view was just breath-taking. We tried another slope, built a snowman, had some snowballs’ fights  and stopped for hot chocolate along the way.

Long time, no ski 🙂
Do you want to build a snowman?

That is all for now, talk soon,