I missed this city!

Three weeks of this new term have passed and until now I can say it has been the time for going around and visiting.

Last week I went to a city long missed, called Neuchatel. I went with a friend who had an interview for her future internship, hopefully. I told her that I was there before a few years ago and I would love to go back to revive some memories.

We took the train at Luzern at 12 and we arrived in 2 hours. We went directly to the hotel she was supposed to have the interview and we arrived at a magnificent hotel at the border of the lake.

View from the hotel :>

While she was on her business I sat at the hotel’s bar, where guess what happened! The man who served me was Romanian! Isn’t that amazing? He told me that he have been living in Switzerland for 19 years, which gave me hope that if he could do it, I will be able to do the same at some point: to stay here, in Switzerland.

The moment we finished there, we had 3 more hours to spend until we had our train back. So, we decided to go through the old town. In our visit we remarked some great chocolate sculptures, a painted paved alley, which was amazingly colored, and relaxed friendly people who seemed to truly enjoy their lives.

Isn’t that a long graffiti? :O

At some point, I decided to show my friend the Neuchatel Castle from where I remembered it was an amazing panorama. Even though she complained a little bit at the beginning because we had to climb lots of stairs, the moment we got on top she was speechless. The view was beautiful and deserved to be taken pictures of. So what do you think happened? We took tons of photos like these:

IMG_7005  IMG_6973

Then we decided to go back to the train station and we got back in Luzern around 7.10 and somehow we got in time for the school dinner which was closing at 7.30.

That day was an amazing day and long-lasting memory I am glad I get to share with you!I would like to hear some of yours new free-time activities. So if anything pops to mind, send me an e-mail! 😉

Talk soon,



Signed contract!

So as it is a new year it comes with new opportunities, new chances for each of us to take. One of my New Year resolutions was to receive the contract for the internship in Geneva until the end of this month. Could you guess what happened?

When I was still in Romania, on 8th of January I received a phone call from school. Good news have started to arrive on this year, as they told me my contract arrived and that I should come read it and sign it when I come back from holidays.

First thing I did on Monday when I got back to Switzerland: I went to seal the deal. I felt so proud of myself and so excited because I realized that I managed to get the first job they offered, meaning first interview – first contract. It felt great and also as the next step to follow into my ongoing career.

What I am trying to say exactly is that if you wish for something to truly happen, if you work hard for it, put things in motion and have confidence that what you are doing is what you were meant to do, things will definitely happen. Sometimes, though, they won’t come easily, but they will come if you don’t give up!

Go for it!

So, it is a new year, new opportunities, go make the best of it!

Talk soon,