Amazing week, beautiful memories! <3

One more term is over as well as the first week of this term break! This term was quite surprising: new things, new people, new obstacles and new solutions came along. One more term and I am moving to Geneva, everything is almost settled to go: accommodation- checked, contract-checked, enthusiasm-checked. So having everything set got me a little tired so the past week of the term break was more than welcome and more than amazing.

Along with my friends I went to Munchen. We did German classes and in the same time we enjoyed the city with everything it had to offer.

We visited the BMW Museum, which I can only say that it was something amazing, from classics to modern cars, the entire history and wonderful car models were displayed for us and the entrance was only 5 Euros for students.

BMW Museum
BMW Museum

Other than that we went to Marianplatz where we went shopping and admiring the pedestrian centre and tasted some traditional food from the markets.  What surprised me was the fact that we found a Latin shop which had traditional food and beverage from Latin America: Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.

Having those 2 touristic places checked, in the last day we also went to the Allianz Arena Stadium, where we were totally mind blown. That stadium is huge and brand new technology is used. And what made the experience even greater was the fact that when we got outside the light were on and the entire stadium was red, just like this:

Allianz Arena
Allianz Arena

The past week was a wonderful experience that I can’t wait to repeat in another city! What is new in your lives?

Talk soon,