What is Internship?

So it’s been 3 months and almost a half since I am in internship and as in any other experiences I had good and bad days!

What I wish to say now it’s like this:

I just want to answer to this question: “What is internship?” In my opinion, it is a real work experience which will teach you a lot of different things. It is not only about how you gain more knowledge on the industry but it also teaches you about people and maybe the most important about yourself and what type of person you are! It shows you your limits, your strengths, your will to push yourself and your will to learn. It teaches you to adapt to a hectic environment and to all sorts of people.

To me, this experience made me become more mature, more confident in myself, more eager to learn and more independent. However, I am still figuring out how to react to difficult people and not to mind everything they say, because some of them just do not know how to react to the stress.

On the other hand, when it comes to the practical skills, I am improving my service skills, my French and right now I set the goal that by the end of the contract I would have learned at least 100 beverages (cocktails, mostly).

The last but not the least, those months have showed me how happy I am when I interact with the clients. I am so happy when the guests are smiling at the end of their visit in our restaurant. A good word from them makes all the problems and issues go away because it means you are doing a good job! And, from my point of view, in this industry if you have a happy client then everybody is satisfied!


As one last thing, everything around you is a chance to learn something no matter where you are or what you are doing. Any event has something to show you and to teach you!

So, what is internship? A real life experience!

Talk soon,