Wonderful memories! :)

6 months are almost done. My first internship is coming to an end but I have to say that I had amazing experiences over here.

Once, at the night of the football game Romania v. Switzerland we hosted an event dedicated to watching it. The guests had huge screens installed on the outside walls of the restaurant and other smaller flat-screens in the hallway. I remember that, at the beginning of the game, while doing my job and I was being surrounded by Swiss people when I heard coming out of those enormous speakers the Romanian national anthem. That feeling is irreplaceable. After that, during the same night I had the best task from that event, because it gave me the chance to watch the entire game. Even though we didn’t win, all I heard that night was our gallery through the speakers even though everywhere around me there were only Swiss.I felt so proud.

One more excellent day/night at work was when we hosted a Romanian-French wedding. It was a beautiful and really hilarious night. Even more, I had the great pleasure of working at the wedding until 2 in the morning where I took care of all the Romanians. I witnessed our tradition of “stealing the bride” and the groom’s reaction when he couldn’t find her was hilarious, especially because he didn’t know our custom. I had a really good time even if I was there just for work. The atmosphere reminded me of the parties from back home and I got to meet amazing people with whom I can even stay in touch.

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I need to say that of course every time that it turned out I was doing a good job it was a happy and proud of myself time but these two moments made me both learn and have fun and fully enjoy my line of work.

To sum up, these 6 months have taught me plenty and I am not talking only about practical skills

(not only these and many others)

but about myself, as well. I learned the steps that should be taken into account when planning an event, how to nicely and smoothly organize the details so that everything would fit when and where they are supposed to. I learned how to close the day and how to take care of so many things which will help me tons one day in my future, maybe even sooner than I can imagine.

That’s about it what I have to say about my first IT, for now at least.

Talk soon,