A quick summary :)

My IT is finished and now it’s time for classes. During the past 6 months I had part of an amazing life experience, which I can say that now being back in school, I kind of miss it a little bit.

It’s been a tough experience which has asked a lot of my energy and it required a lot of strength and the ability of over passing my weaknesses. As a summary about my internship in Geneva, I can say that it was my first step to my future. It was a sneak peak of the industry and it reminded me why I chose this path, namely because I like being in constant contact with people and it showed me where to go next.

❤ ❤ ❤

What did I learn?

How to be independent, how to manage a certain amount of money in order to be enough for the rent the food, occasional trips and holidays and to put some aside. I learned to be confident in myself, how to work fast and efficient. I proved that I am good working in a team and at multitasking and on top of all of these I have improved my communication skills; firstly my French and secondly the way you have a conversation with a client.

For the next 6 months I am back in school and I am not sure yet where I would like to go for my second internship but I know that I would like to try gaining some practical experience in event management. It really seems something that suits my personality.

smilee! something new is coming up 🙂

Some ask me if I have some tips to offer. I could tell you stories about my IT and tell you that you should smile and be friendly, hard-working and punctual. Yet, one very good advice that I have also received right before starting my internship from a good friend of mine is: “Don’t let them see you are doing nothing! There is always something to do! You just have to find it and not to waste the time!” My friend couldn’t be more right. Your employer would appreciate you and he or she will see that you are a very hard-working, professional and motivated person and that they made the right decision by choosing you from a very big list of candidates.

thumbs up! 😉


That’s  all for now!

Talk soon,




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