How fast time flies…

It’s incredible how fast time passes. I cannot believe that 6 weeks ago I was still working in Geneva and now I am starting my second term in the second year of university.

The last term flew like none before. I didn’t even realize when the finals came along. The courses were quite interesting and useful. I loved especially the Food and Wine Pairing class, and not just because we had the chance to taste the wine and the food. Personally, I find it amazing to put at least the basis to a concept that seemed so difficult before. Of course, the other classes were as meaningful, but this is the one that impressed me the most.

the region, the grape, the taste, discovered them all

When I think of these past months I believe that in a blink of an eye I will wake up in my last year trying to get ready for the future. Envisioning what decisions I need to make, what choices I have to take, where I have to go and what I need to do. There are so many things that must be taken into consideration that it just makes everything feel so real.

You know how you have that feeling when you are still in transition from high school to adulthood, let’s call it like that? You think the time of growing up is not there yet and then facing with all the challenges and decisions you suddenly realize you are on your own now and you need to think of what is best for you. Of course, people will try to help and will give you suggestions but sometimes you wish they would either make the decision in your place or to leave you alone.

Do you think you’re ready to embrace the next step of your life with everything it has to offer?

took the risk and enjoyed it so far!

Talk soon,