Malta here I come!

So, guess what? Second year is completed. All is left is the internship: Malta here I come.
As a summary of my 6 months in Lucerne, all i can say is that they have passed so fast. But I guess you get used to it in this industry, to move around from place to place.
I learned a handful amount of new and amazing things and i am happy to say that these 6 months have opened my eyes at many levels.
It’s been quite eventful as well, said good bye to old friends and made new ones and spent a lot of great moments altogether. And at the end of the theory part of our second year we wished each other good luck in our new Internship. I have friends that went abroad , while some stayed in Switzerland, but we were all quite excited about this year’s practical experience.
The suitcases were packed, the tickets were bought and it was time for a new beginning!
Talk soon,

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