Feeling lucky

A second internship, a new experience. Something that I learned so far is that every experience is an opportunity and a lesson. As you go in IT, you discover a new side of yourself and you start to understand your strengths and weaknesses and if you are lucky enough you will understand what path to go next.

In Kempinski, Gozo, I am being confirmed again and again that I love working with people. Communicating with guests and working hand in hand with colleagues that enjoy what they are doing is something remarkably rear and I consider myself fortunate for being part of such a nice environment.

I will be frank and tell you that hospitality industry is tough, you work when everybody else is off, you work a lot of hours and sometimes you encounter many difficulties in the shortest periods of time. Yet, when a guest comes to you and tells you that you were the one that made their stay unforgettable and that you were the best thing of their stay that feeling of satisfaction never goes away.

Thus, if you know that you enjoy making other people happy and you enjoy working with people then hospitality is your pathway.


Talk soon,



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