Malta here I come!

So, guess what? Second year is completed. All is left is the internship: Malta here I come.
As a summary of my 6 months in Lucerne, all i can say is that they have passed so fast. But I guess you get used to it in this industry, to move around from place to place.
I learned a handful amount of new and amazing things and i am happy to say that these 6 months have opened my eyes at many levels.
It’s been quite eventful as well, said good bye to old friends and made new ones and spent a lot of great moments altogether. And at the end of the theory part of our second year we wished each other good luck in our new Internship. I have friends that went abroad , while some stayed in Switzerland, but we were all quite excited about this year’s practical experience.
The suitcases were packed, the tickets were bought and it was time for a new beginning!
Talk soon,

How fast time flies…

It’s incredible how fast time passes. I cannot believe that 6 weeks ago I was still working in Geneva and now I am starting my second term in the second year of university.

The last term flew like none before. I didn’t even realize when the finals came along. The courses were quite interesting and useful. I loved especially the Food and Wine Pairing class, and not just because we had the chance to taste the wine and the food. Personally, I find it amazing to put at least the basis to a concept that seemed so difficult before. Of course, the other classes were as meaningful, but this is the one that impressed me the most.

the region, the grape, the taste, discovered them all

When I think of these past months I believe that in a blink of an eye I will wake up in my last year trying to get ready for the future. Envisioning what decisions I need to make, what choices I have to take, where I have to go and what I need to do. There are so many things that must be taken into consideration that it just makes everything feel so real.

You know how you have that feeling when you are still in transition from high school to adulthood, let’s call it like that? You think the time of growing up is not there yet and then facing with all the challenges and decisions you suddenly realize you are on your own now and you need to think of what is best for you. Of course, people will try to help and will give you suggestions but sometimes you wish they would either make the decision in your place or to leave you alone.

Do you think you’re ready to embrace the next step of your life with everything it has to offer?

took the risk and enjoyed it so far!

Talk soon,


Sweet 20!

One more week, some more amazing memories! Last week I turned 20 years old!

Being the first year away from home, being used to spending all your birthdays with family and friends it is a little tricky to lose those habits. The friends part is easier to adapt to as you meet new people here and you form relationships right here and you have with whom to party!

Yet, there is something missing, the family, so guess what? My parents decided to visit me for my birthday. It was a really beautiful weekend, we spent time together: we went for dinners, shopping, walking around. They even had dinner in the school restaurant, where they really enjoyed 🙂 . They met the amazing people with whom I spend most of my time here and they even bought us supplies to celebrate my birthday after they leave.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

So on Sunday, we all gathered in my room to have some fun: we ate, we laughed and the most interesting part for me: I received gifts :)).Thank you all, my friends and dear ones, for the nice thoughts, memories and gifts you offered me. Check this out:

12421451_1296224337070759_1677799373_n  ❤ ❤ ❤  12595973_1296224347070758_1899111521_n

I wish you all the best!

Talk soon,


Felt good to have you here!

Holiday is finished and I can truly say those were 2 amazing weeks. The first one you already know it, but in the second one, something else happened. My best friend came visiting from London for 4 days. That half of the week was incredible, we caught up with news from each other’s lives, we visited around (she fell in love with Lucerne <3) and the most important we laughed a loot.

I showed her Gutsch, the old town and we walked around the lake for a couple of hours. More than that we visited Geneva and we had a great time together.

❤ I missed my best friend ❤ 

My point is that having my best friend here was a beautiful experience which shows me that some distance connections can work. Besides, it proves that even if now we are both busy and with our own goals and objectives in mind and we don’t talk or see each other as often as before (which is logic because we are not in the same city anymore), quality people are rare to find and who is meant to be in your life will be there no matter the distance!

I hope you found a true friend like I did and if so do the best to keep them! 🙂

Talk soon,


Signed contract!

So as it is a new year it comes with new opportunities, new chances for each of us to take. One of my New Year resolutions was to receive the contract for the internship in Geneva until the end of this month. Could you guess what happened?

When I was still in Romania, on 8th of January I received a phone call from school. Good news have started to arrive on this year, as they told me my contract arrived and that I should come read it and sign it when I come back from holidays.

First thing I did on Monday when I got back to Switzerland: I went to seal the deal. I felt so proud of myself and so excited because I realized that I managed to get the first job they offered, meaning first interview – first contract. It felt great and also as the next step to follow into my ongoing career.

What I am trying to say exactly is that if you wish for something to truly happen, if you work hard for it, put things in motion and have confidence that what you are doing is what you were meant to do, things will definitely happen. Sometimes, though, they won’t come easily, but they will come if you don’t give up!

Go for it!

So, it is a new year, new opportunities, go make the best of it!

Talk soon,


My first week in Lucerne :)

For many youngsters moving away from home might be difficult and going abroad could seem even more challenging. Even though we are leaving our family and friends behind, this moment in our lives is a turning-point. It makes us become more independent, more confident and it helps us build our self-esteem. However, despite the hardships, BHMS helps making the transition easier. Or at least, that was how it happened in my case. When I arrived in the airport, somebody from the university waited for me there and since it was late at night they had offered me something to eat. So, they thought about everything. Also, the first friend I made was in the airport, she was another BHMS student, just like me and we have bonded right away. We laughed all the way to the university.

Once arrived, we did our check in and went to see our rooms. I got to meet my roommate, who is also from Romania, as a matter of fact. Once again, I made a new friend really quick. I know that one of some people’s worries is that they will make friends hard or they will not integrate or adapt to the new circumstances. I know, I felt the same way. Yet, seeing me here now, only after one week, I can tell that it seems like home. I am happy here. I learn a lot of useful and interesting things. For instance, on Friday, the 25 September, we had our orientation day, which means we got acquainted with the teachers, the places, the city itself.


At this “class” we met the people in charge either of housekeeping, or of the academic situation, or of our future placements. They spoke beautifully and in very good English so that everybody could understand them. The next day, we had a special class entitled “Professional Development”. This time around was even more intriguing, in my opinion, since we discussed about body language, mindsets and ways to differentiate from one another.

I hope I caught your attention with this information, but let me tell you, by that class I haven’t even started my studies yet. First day of school was this Monday and it was awesome. I received my schedule and I saw that on Monday I will have breakfast and dinner service, meaning that I will gain some practical experience in dealing with the customers. At first I thought it would be too much since I had to wake up very early. But at the end of the day, I felt amazing, also tired, but mostly happy. I had learned how to sit up a table, how to serve people, how to correctly take an order and how to make the guests feel welcome! We worked as a team and we did a gorgeous job. At the end of the day, I understood that I made the right decision by coming here. I knew that I will not regret it and all my doubts and fears have gone away in an instant.


The week went by and I had two more classes, this time, though, they were geography and German. The lecturers have a unique way of teaching: more entertaining, more enthusiastic, so you cannot get bored, unless you already know everything they have to say!

Bottom line, until now, I am truly pleased that I have chosen to study Hotel Management at this university. I have a good feeling about this. I know I will enjoy it even more in the future!

Talk soon,