Feeling international!

Studying hospitality has so many benefits that I would not have time to mention them all. Yet, today I will talk about my favourite 2 advantages: meeting new people & travelling.

So due to my choice of going into this amazing industry I got to meet new people from all over the world which got me the chance to visit different countries, from different continents.

This year, my holiday pack reached its peak. First was Japan – for details about that trip, feel free to scroll down to get to that article, then came my holiday to Mexico. Special thanks to my friend and her warmhearted family that welcomed me in their country and home so friendly and with their open arms.

in the heart of Mexico City 😉

Here I visited the Mexico City and its beauty, went to the Mayan Pyramids of Teotihuacan, which I found out I’m still fit enough to climb on top of it ;). Also, we got to experience the beautiful Cancun. This place is the heaven on earth: beach, hotels, clubs, awesome people, and oh well… the jungle :))

on top of one pyramid, watching the other ❤

This holiday had everything a perfect trip should have: friends, family, laughter, joy, casual activities, cultural excursions and adventures. I’d like to mention that my long-term fear of heights diminished when I had to do rappel or zip-lining in the famous Xenotes.

relaxing in the cool water after an adventurous day in the jungle 🙂

So if you ever get the chance to go to Mexico, don’t miss it and make sure you include Cancun on your list of places to go while you’re there.

That’s all for now.

Talk soon,



Feeling lucky

A second internship, a new experience. Something that I learned so far is that every experience is an opportunity and a lesson. As you go in IT, you discover a new side of yourself and you start to understand your strengths and weaknesses and if you are lucky enough you will understand what path to go next.

In Kempinski, Gozo, I am being confirmed again and again that I love working with people. Communicating with guests and working hand in hand with colleagues that enjoy what they are doing is something remarkably rear and I consider myself fortunate for being part of such a nice environment.

I will be frank and tell you that hospitality industry is tough, you work when everybody else is off, you work a lot of hours and sometimes you encounter many difficulties in the shortest periods of time. Yet, when a guest comes to you and tells you that you were the one that made their stay unforgettable and that you were the best thing of their stay that feeling of satisfaction never goes away.

Thus, if you know that you enjoy making other people happy and you enjoy working with people then hospitality is your pathway.


Talk soon,


Amazing trip to Japan!

Last term break before IT is over and it was a really nice holiday to spend. In the past two weeks I visited Japan and it was a blast. The country is very beautiful and very high-tech.

I went together with my brother and we visited 3 different cities, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. There are so many things to talk about but I will try my best to keep it short, so I will just share the highlights of the trip.

The people are very friendly and very helpful. They do not speak much English but they are trying. If they have to ask you a question and they see you are a foreigner they come to you with a notebook filled with the same question or explanation in different languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. This fact really impressed me because it was their way of trying to help as much as they could.

Image result for languages

In my opinion, each city has something amazing to share: architecture, cuisine and lifestyle, but the one that impressed me the most was Kyoto. This is a more traditional town with people still dressed in kimonos and with many traditional restaurants. By those, I mean the restaurants in which you take off your shoes at the entrance and you sit on the floor. It really feels like you are home.

sushiiii ❤
Traditional restaurant

We went also to the Mount Fuji, which is one of the most popular mountains in Japan, which according to our guide it is actually a still active volcano. Also, we saw bamboos forests and lots and lots of temples. I mean if I may say so, how we are with churches, they are with temples, you can find them at each corner.

Mount Fuji ❤
Kinkaku-ji Temple Kyoto

Nonetheless, when I say that Japan is very high-tech, I mean they are extremely technologically developed. First, you will see everybody with a smart-phone in their hands, no matter if they are 80 or 7 year-old. But more important, their highway system is incredible. They have suspended ways one above the other above the other and if this is not enough their rail ways are passing through the buildings.

how about that?

So, if you get the chance, go visit Japan, it is worth it!  Oh and I almost forgot, if you go, you must try karaoke!

Talk soon,


A quick summary :)

My IT is finished and now it’s time for classes. During the past 6 months I had part of an amazing life experience, which I can say that now being back in school, I kind of miss it a little bit.

It’s been a tough experience which has asked a lot of my energy and it required a lot of strength and the ability of over passing my weaknesses. As a summary about my internship in Geneva, I can say that it was my first step to my future. It was a sneak peak of the industry and it reminded me why I chose this path, namely because I like being in constant contact with people and it showed me where to go next.

❤ ❤ ❤

What did I learn?

How to be independent, how to manage a certain amount of money in order to be enough for the rent the food, occasional trips and holidays and to put some aside. I learned to be confident in myself, how to work fast and efficient. I proved that I am good working in a team and at multitasking and on top of all of these I have improved my communication skills; firstly my French and secondly the way you have a conversation with a client.

For the next 6 months I am back in school and I am not sure yet where I would like to go for my second internship but I know that I would like to try gaining some practical experience in event management. It really seems something that suits my personality.

smilee! something new is coming up 🙂

Some ask me if I have some tips to offer. I could tell you stories about my IT and tell you that you should smile and be friendly, hard-working and punctual. Yet, one very good advice that I have also received right before starting my internship from a good friend of mine is: “Don’t let them see you are doing nothing! There is always something to do! You just have to find it and not to waste the time!” My friend couldn’t be more right. Your employer would appreciate you and he or she will see that you are a very hard-working, professional and motivated person and that they made the right decision by choosing you from a very big list of candidates.

thumbs up! 😉


That’s  all for now!

Talk soon,



Wonderful memories! :)

6 months are almost done. My first internship is coming to an end but I have to say that I had amazing experiences over here.

Once, at the night of the football game Romania v. Switzerland we hosted an event dedicated to watching it. The guests had huge screens installed on the outside walls of the restaurant and other smaller flat-screens in the hallway. I remember that, at the beginning of the game, while doing my job and I was being surrounded by Swiss people when I heard coming out of those enormous speakers the Romanian national anthem. That feeling is irreplaceable. After that, during the same night I had the best task from that event, because it gave me the chance to watch the entire game. Even though we didn’t win, all I heard that night was our gallery through the speakers even though everywhere around me there were only Swiss.I felt so proud.

One more excellent day/night at work was when we hosted a Romanian-French wedding. It was a beautiful and really hilarious night. Even more, I had the great pleasure of working at the wedding until 2 in the morning where I took care of all the Romanians. I witnessed our tradition of “stealing the bride” and the groom’s reaction when he couldn’t find her was hilarious, especially because he didn’t know our custom. I had a really good time even if I was there just for work. The atmosphere reminded me of the parties from back home and I got to meet amazing people with whom I can even stay in touch.

14360486_1445277205498804_695095466_o 14371867_1445277005498824_528168121_n

I need to say that of course every time that it turned out I was doing a good job it was a happy and proud of myself time but these two moments made me both learn and have fun and fully enjoy my line of work.

To sum up, these 6 months have taught me plenty and I am not talking only about practical skills

(not only these and many others)

but about myself, as well. I learned the steps that should be taken into account when planning an event, how to nicely and smoothly organize the details so that everything would fit when and where they are supposed to. I learned how to close the day and how to take care of so many things which will help me tons one day in my future, maybe even sooner than I can imagine.

That’s about it what I have to say about my first IT, for now at least.

Talk soon,


What is Internship?

So it’s been 3 months and almost a half since I am in internship and as in any other experiences I had good and bad days!

What I wish to say now it’s like this:

I just want to answer to this question: “What is internship?” In my opinion, it is a real work experience which will teach you a lot of different things. It is not only about how you gain more knowledge on the industry but it also teaches you about people and maybe the most important about yourself and what type of person you are! It shows you your limits, your strengths, your will to push yourself and your will to learn. It teaches you to adapt to a hectic environment and to all sorts of people.

To me, this experience made me become more mature, more confident in myself, more eager to learn and more independent. However, I am still figuring out how to react to difficult people and not to mind everything they say, because some of them just do not know how to react to the stress.

On the other hand, when it comes to the practical skills, I am improving my service skills, my French and right now I set the goal that by the end of the contract I would have learned at least 100 beverages (cocktails, mostly).

The last but not the least, those months have showed me how happy I am when I interact with the clients. I am so happy when the guests are smiling at the end of their visit in our restaurant. A good word from them makes all the problems and issues go away because it means you are doing a good job! And, from my point of view, in this industry if you have a happy client then everybody is satisfied!


As one last thing, everything around you is a chance to learn something no matter where you are or what you are doing. Any event has something to show you and to teach you!

So, what is internship? A real life experience!

Talk soon,


A little insight ;)

So, I know it’s been a long time since my last article but I am back with news. I started internship and today I have 3 weeks working in Geneve.

The truth is that those have been 3 very tiring weeks but at the same time very nice and interesting. Of course it takes time until you adapt and get acquainted with everything around: the house rules and your duties and so on and so forth. But as far as I can tell, I think by now I have pretty much everything covered. I started knowing the entire mise-en place, the cleaning goes ok, the service is getting better and today actually I learned something new: how to type into the system the orders.

The people are nice and friendly and my language skills are developing. Yes, they talk mostly in French, but when I don’t understand they don’t mind explaining to me in English.

What I can really say is that if you are motivated to learn and you like being in contact with people and are eager to discover more things, but in the same time you are willing to work hard, then you are ready for this path! 😉

13077223_1330453113647881_1167040686_n - Copy
the view from the restaurant ❤
13091615_1330453126981213_970319423_o - Copy
me :)) ready for work 🙂

Talk soon,